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The previous poster brought up some key points; in addition raised some questions I have for you.

As the previous poster mentioned, you can bind just about everything in this game (except for ctrl + u is hard-coded to be unload/load gui). That being said, that leaves you some creative freedom to use the keyboard how you would like to. All you have to do is go to the 'Preferences' menu and in the bottom left is a 'Key Binds' tab (as the previous poster indicated); you just need to go through the categories and see what you want to modify.

Lets get into some questions and explanations of them:

Do you use the mouse with your left hand? - This is really important in determining which keys are going to be most useful to you; determine which keys you can reach easily based on which hand you're going to have on the keyboard.

Are you a mouse turner or key turner? - I know, some people who read this are going to go "WTH?! People still key turn?". It's ok if you do, you just have to compensate for it, which is easier in this game than others. Also ok if you don't want to admit it. This is important also because it determines whether you have one or two hands on the keyboard at all times. Personally I'm a key turner, and I move with my right hand. I use that to my advantage, so when I don't have to move I'm making sure I'm using my right hand to either maneuver the mouse to look around or check out health of enemies or pressing modifier keys (Shift, Alt, Ctrl). As far as compensating goes, in this game you have a higher turn speed when you are in the air, so if I have to do a sharp turn, I jump (I use the '0' key on the numpad which is the standard bind of that key).

How many abilities do you want to bind? - This determines the location of your hand on the keyboard; the more keys you need/want, the more accessible modifier keys must be. I'm kind of at an extreme end of this personally, most people in my guild see my UI and are like "uh, why is everything bound?". I don't know, I just like being able to use a key without having to take the mouse and find it; this is less ideal if you alt alot because then you have to memorize the which ability is for which toon (but I have 5 capped toons and do it that way anyway). If you only need a few keys, it's probably best to be somewhere in the middle of they keyboard if you have one with a hand rest on it, and along the edge if you don't. if you use a lot, like I mentioned, you have to be near the modifier keys, and they have to be reachable. I play with my left hand over the right half of the keyboard so I can hit alt, ctrl, or shift with my thumb. I then use three rows of keys plus their modified versions for keybinds (keys: =-0987][poiu';lk and alt, shift, and ctrl versions of all [except ctrl + u is ctrl + y]).

How big and dexterous is your key hand? - I play guitar, and I fret with my key hand. My keying hand is a bit more dexterous than the average person, and I also have slightly larger hands than the average person as well. If you have smaller hands or less dexterous hands you may want to consider leaving some room for your non-keying hand (your mouse hand or movement hand) to come in and hit a few keys when needed. I can span my hand from pinkey tip to thumb tip and cover from the middle of my caps lock key to the middle of my return key, so pretty much all they keys are in play for me. As I mentioned earlier I still use both hands on the keyboard, so I also have keys within reach of my movement hand like my targeting keys and such.

The most important thing is not to copy what I've done or mirror it, or take anyone's suggestion as fact or law, but take the ideas we've shared and come up with a comfortable system that works for you and your play style.

Hope you find some use from this.
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