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Is this some kind of joke? No word on SGR, more info on RotHC, Ilum revamp, secret space project, 1.7, Cathar, server transfers or CTD bug, you you guys have enough time to make a post like this about stuff that's already in patch notes?

Your priorities, I see them.
Yes. How dare they waste precious time writing a small article to let us know whats new and going away from the cartel market. They clearly must have wasted weeks of effort that could have gone into developing these other features and getting the info to us.

Sarcasm aside, writers and community team members wouldn't be working on feature development or bug fixes. So, an article like this doesn't slow anything down. As for letting us know more about upcoming features, I'm sure there is a higher up somewhere that has give the OK to dish out any new info. Such info will likely be spoon fed out just slow enough to keep the community interested while saving the surprise factor for later. For all we know, there might even be articles and promotional videos complete or nearly complete just waiting for someone to give the go ahead to let us see them.