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It would be really nice if you made to minor changes to things.

1) Provide a list of all the items in the package and classification of each. (Rare, Ultra Rare, etc) Right now Dulfy has a decent list, but not the classification on status. I was VERY Pissed when I got two banners in one pack and they are called "RARE" - Really? I disagree.

2) Allow us to sell these items to vendors if no longer wanted.
Point 1: Though I haven't noticed any way to determine rare from 'ultra' rare, the color of the cartel symbol on the item is a reference to its rarity. They'd do well to change it from gold/silver/copper to something a little more distinctive, as their copper(or bronze, whatever!) and gold are a little close to each other on the palette.

Point 2: Yeah, that's long overdue.

Banners are fluff items that really service no purpose. They aren't even useful in the sense that the ball toss is, casual stupid fun. Yay. It's a rotating sign. So? This isn't something that should eat up a slot in a pack that costs real money. Nor should the vast majority of crafting materials that get tossed in there. Lorrdian gemstones? I get those on *every* treasure hunthing gemstone return. That's not rare, nor useful in most cases. If all the crafting mats from packs were *actual* rare mats (purple bordered, or tier 7+ materials), then we might be talking.