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Ack, ninja comment!

There's tons of stuff to speculate, I'm just not sure of the narrative merit of writing up "The Exciting Adventures of What Do You Mean You Squeeze the Toothpaste All Willy-Nilly Instead Of Squeezing From The Bottom?" Still, fun to think how they might settle in.

The sleeping-with-people thing is definitely gonna have to change. Keeping it out of your partner's face gets less practical when your partner's face moves in with you. Wynston alluded to it in the vaguest possible terms when he said that he had some leeway in picking assignments and the implementation thereof, along with some willingness to adapt the scope. Easily said; might take some getting used to in practice.
Ah, I wondered if that's what he was referring to. Thought it might be. At any rate, happy endings are all happy fuzzy goodness so I'm good here
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