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As far as Palpatine being the most powerful darkside force user, for his part he was, as for his lightning being the most powerful, it was. I think Vader's mechanical enhancements prevented him from mustering the ability, but bless him he was trying to turn back to the lightside, slowly to heal himself, but I believe the course of events and nature of his injuries and loyalty to the Emperor or fear of revolution against him stopped him from being able to gradually transition back.

I should add that my belief in Palpatine's superior power is based on the fact that there where no other Sith with which to compare him at the time (I referred to Vaders limitation as a force user due go his augmetics), the fact Luke survived aslong as he did was only because Palpatine wanted him to suffer and his raw strength in the Force, if he had wanted Skywalker dead, he would've no doubt expired very swiftly.
yeah.. but when he was first introduced, knowledge of the old republic and the previous empire had not been revealed to us, so we thought the emperor was the only one that could only use force lightning, turns out he wasn't afterall, is htis accurate?