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The short answer is that it's all good and doesn't really matter for a fresh 50 and earlier.

The longer answer is that you're going replace it all eventually as you work toward the endgame gear. So, don't worry so much about itemizing until you are in 61+ mods. By that time, you'll be into the diminishing returns anyway and want to spread your secondary stats around more to get the best benefit. Crit is a stat the shines brighter the higher your surge rating is. Until around level 40 and beyond, your crit chance is going to be low. This makes getting a crit in the first place unreliable to the point that it doesn't make much sense to up your surge rating.

This is more true as a sage healer than for sage dps. The sage dps specs get added proc benefits for getting crits on certain abilities. The only crit benefit sage healers get is to sacrafice without getting the force regen debuff after a trance crit. However, you should be trying to consume the rejuvenate proc with trance anyway and are likely to get a crit tick even with a relatively low crit chance.

So in conclusion, my answer is yes to your original question. If you get to choose between power and crit while leveling, take power. You might as well, however, take whatever level upgrade dps gear is thrown at you because the added willpower will trump any power to crit trade off and you will be replacing the gear relatively soon anyway..