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01.10.2013 , 02:18 PM | #50
STS really? lol...they don't have the dps to compete. and people you asked about me either didn't do rated when all the good teams played, or they were on farm status. The top two guilds when rated came out up until the end of summer were Brutalize and PKers, there is no mistake about that. So lol@your sources.

The game you are referencing, we didn't have a double premade. You guys had two 4 man premades, we had 1 4 man and one 2 man. Regardless...I was top damage on imp side even over smashers, and I only lost to nectebo by under 100k. He's a great player for sure but a pyro vanguard should outdps me if they play well. Your healing output was laughable. I guess the only props I can give you is that at least you dispel yourself. And the game wasn't even opened a door on our pugs, not on anyone in brutalize, and then we proceeded to farm you at the second door.

Yeah, we haven't run our team since august, but that was still after all the major class changes, and since then, most of the good teams and players have quit. It's funny that the few random teams who still play beat their chest when they're farming nobodies for 1 point wins. I broke 2k after barely 100 games...most people are barely over 2k now with 500-600 games. Get the point? The only team that matters repub side now is HSP, so go ahead and ask hotshot, he more than knows me and my guild.

And depreva...I can 1v1 very easily against most people and classes. There are a handful of good players for certain classes that would beat me or give me trouble, but most would fall over. The problem, as I've stated before, is that a lot of times you have to play perfectly and rotate bubble stuns with knockback and hard stun to win. If they adjust the resolve value on bubble stun then I probably would lose the majority of 1v1s I am winning now.