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D'awww cuteness.

Also, while it's nice to think that things would be smooth sailing for them from now on, there would have to be a hefty transition period for them both. I mean, they've been "together" but not actually co-habitating for like a decade and a half. Each has their own habits, ways they like things done, all that sort of thing that new couples have to work out. Plus I'd think it would bring up the whole question of Wynston's uh...personal methods of manipulation again (maybe I'm wrong, but I can't help but think that him coming home directly from an op like that would feel different than there-was-a-girl-last-week).

Nom nom speculation

Edit: Also, Cole's relationship with Wynston so far has been a friendly, supportive, but largely absent male figure. If they're actually together, wouldn't it change?

Nom nom more speculation lol.
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