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I'm fairly new to the game (I've only been playing for a week or so) and I'm curious as to what crafting skills are good for making money and how.
I've tried asking in fleet and everyone gives me the same response of "skills are useless now"... is this true or are they just trying to keep the new players out of the loop? I'm not wanting to make millions, but I'd like to be able and make enough to keep my toons in good gear.
Easiest method is go with slicing plus 2 other gather skills. If you stick with slicing and just farm money boxes you will pretty much not have to worry about cash in regular play.

As for the others, gathering materials is a bit more work and chancy. Plus with the server singularity events I mean mergers there is a lot more competition in the auction house (GTN) but if you do ypur research you can make a bit extra.

Crafting for profit is a great deal more work and the consensus by many is that it is not worth it. I craft as a hobby and to outfit new alts or guildies but don't usually sell what I craft. But there are niches you can fill. YMMV.