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Maybe a little off topic, but do you Tanks ever carry around multiple sets of Tank Gear? (or at least pieces that you swap in and out, maybe a different Relic, change a chest piece etc...)

For example:
I am a Damage Sponge - High Hit Point Pool for boss fights that hit hard, but really slow.
Avoidance Set - Multiple weak attacks, mainly Trash type stuff?
Threat Set - sacrifice some tanking stats for more DPS/Threat

I know when I played WoW and Raided, I had about 5 Tanks sets for the above plus for things like Elemental Damage type resistant Gear.

And in Rift I would even switch my spec out during Dungeons/Raids for specific fights as well (really loved my tank that could not be knocked back during a fight).

Or is it mostly just one Tank Spec, one Tank Set of Armour?
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