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01.10.2013 , 01:25 PM | #1
So ye, many of the big titles have now moved to F2P. Star wars, Secret World and now Tera!

Tera's press release video is actually worth while watching, although I won't be playing it, it was quite humorous.

Best part of the video "Our philosophy from the beginning of this change was to add to what we already offer, instead of restricting what we already have.... this includes not taking away your existing hotbars". That certainly made me giggle! Fair play for having a dig at bio-ware, they deserved it

So these "wow-killers" have succumbed to the F2P status, and it seems like blizzard are potentially the only ones left able to charge a subscription.

So rather than writing a post doing nothing but having a dig at bioware, I was also wondering what people thought a "successful" F2P model would be like and what would you be willing to put up with? This question is more relevant than ever before as its unlikely there will be a new MMO without a F2P status. Questions to think about answering:

- Would the bioware model be acceptable for you?
- How passionate are you about the issues of gear and boosts in item shops?
- Are you still playing swtor mainly because your a star wars fan?
- Would you always take the subscription path?
- Would you prefer a F2P game that had no subscription plan offer and was entirely item shop?