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There is a large population of people who bought these items based on the preview, who had no clue they were going to change it. This is fact, I'm not trying to argue here. The devs have acknoweledged they have wronged these people and are going to fix it.
I dunno. The basic point of the thread was that the gear suddenly changed and people didn't like it.

Then others pointed out that it was a posted that it was a bug and they actually wanted it changed.

The people who liked the 'old/incorrect' versions pointed out that why they bought the gear based on the preview. The people who like the 'new/correct' version are the ones who presumably follow the forums and/or went to the Devs when the screenshots didn't match the items.

Both lines of thought are reasonable. I came here to add my voice, not because I was affected, but I had friends in game who didn't like the change.

I have no vested interest in having the new versions of the gear remain, but it doesn't mean I'll ignore what those users are saying; the people who want the new/corrected versions are being fair about it and just rolling back the changes isn't right.

Not listening to the people who were complaining that they liked the old versions isn't right either - although you obviously need to apply some basic common sense. (How many users are affected? Is what they're asking for break anything with play balancing? Are they just looking for free stuff?)

I'm not going to stake myself on one side then couch it on citing my interpretations of 'what is advertising', 'is a preview an advertisement or not', 'does whatever method constitute a legal obligation', 'things posted on the official forums that you do not read are your fault', or 'the preview is really what everyone will use'. It misses the point too, that you're essentially talking about customer service here, and we're not in a court of law.

What happens is at the discretion of the service provider (Bioware). They gain or lose customers based on their actions, and that's their motivation - they don't care about the various iterations of the above arguments. They changed something, it was ultimately a cosmetic non-gameplay fix, they feel could have been communicated better, people are unhappy. The only real points in this thread that Bioware is looking at is: "Some are unhappy and want the old version back" and "People who wanted it corrected want it to stay corrected."

Some people have a need for one side to be definitively right and the other side to be definitively wrong, and they won't feel satisfied otherwise.