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Yeah, that statement rubbed me wrong as well. We most certainly need some sort of area root ability (besides dropping mines like Hansel and Gretel dropped bread crumbs) to allow some escape from multiple melee. Honestly, it seems obvious to me that it SHOULD have had a root from the start...otherwise it serves so little purpose.

It bothers me that we're one of (or the?) the only classes that has no Resolve bypassing root ability of any sort.

Sorry boss Won't happen again!
It better not!

Also Knights/Warriors root on leap of course. Combat sents can root even longer. Balance Shadows/Sages can root, Gunslingers can root. Most shadows can't (they don't spec 31 Balance), and Vanguards can't I believe.

Still the lack of such things on a ranged class, in a game where melee have so many anti-kiting tools, is just ridiculous. There are days when I'm pretty sure this class was only half finished at launch, and they still haven't fixed everything.
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