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01.10.2013 , 12:14 PM | #1007
All these people arguing that the Phantom set now looks as advertised, where does it say that the picture on the Cartel market is even the Phantom set? That model is wearing a belt, but there is no Phantom belt.

I just don't understand. You buy a pack, it comes with Phantom gear, you see the icon, you preview it and then assume it's supposed to look different...

The Phantom set even still has the same old item icon!

The fact that this thread is over 100 pages long now and the original thread complaining about the Phantom set was only 12 pages long goes some way to showing just how many people bought the Phantom items from the GTN or wherever because of how it looked in game (you know, the icon and preview!) versus the few people that jumped to conclusions about one picture that may or may not have been the Phantom set in the first place.

If anything I hope this thread finally makes BioWare realise that a large part of their player base actually has taste and doesn't want every piece or armour in the game to have needless bells and whistles on.