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Mox, you guys can definitely get it now, they've made the fight managable (with or without waiting for cooldowns to come back up--which shouldnt be possible in the first place).

And big grats to level capped on the kill!
I'm sure it is, I think at this point it's more of a logistical issue. In the past few weeks we've gotten very comfortable in our "farm" groups. We don't handle 16m the same way that most guilds do, simply due to the sheer size of our guild. We have 8 (soon to be 9) 8m teams that raid throughout the week 7 days a week (about 60 active raiders). When we push progression we draw from many of those groups. It takes a lot of logistical planning every time new content comes out to push like we do on 16m. With that ship sailed it may be difficult to get buy in from the rest of the "raid cells" for another 16m push.

Not saying we won't try in the future, but we are not right now unfortunately :/. I do want to say big congratulations to all the guilds that have defeated it though. After beating tanks we probably put an estimated 50+ hours into this fight and are fully aware it is no joke.
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