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I think you saw all the addressing they wanted to do, They want people to use real cash to pay and win, that is why this stuff is on the cartel market. No ther point to it than that. Wait til lwe start to see armor, mods, enhancements just one level behind bis on the market.
Pay to win is mostly here already.

Combine players being able to craft BIS items and mods and sell for credits with allowing players to buy items with real money and sell in-game for credits and people can already use a credit card to purchase BIS gear through a two-step process.

The beauty of this is that it allows EA to say with a straight face that they aren't selling end game gear through the Cartel Market, while still being able to reap all the benefits of players doing so indirectly.

At this point they might as well drop the pretense and just sell full slotted end-game armor on the Cartel Market.