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I am a damage player looking for a guild to join. I am a Jedi Knight with the Sentinal advanced class.
Hey there. You might want to check out Delusions of Grandeur and see if we are a good fit. Our website is:

We are more of a casual guild rather than hard core guild. We are decent sized with PVE and PVP groups. In addition to regular PVE & PVP activities we occasionally run open world PVE attacks on NPC bases or open world PVP events inside bases. Last week a contingent of our Republic and Imperial sides duked it out in and around various bases on Tatooine.

MLP Friendship is Magic is a Pretty good guild too, and there are plenty of other good guilds on this server, you might try:
3rd Echelon
MLP Friendship is Magic
Shock and Jawa
Top Gun
Walking Carpets