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then I would think Bioware needs to add into their descriptions of the items.."apparel will look different on males vs females"..or some such nonsense..or make them non gender specific...I would have loved to get the investigator's set but the preview of it is nasty on specific characters of mine..

so..again..bioware needs to tidy up... that's all I am saying, or trying to say. showing one thing, buying another, preview screens not representing what they are, or cc packs not being what they are advertised, or preview screen is right but changed later..come on..its silly to get this far in a thread over it just to get the designers to Q&A their work before it goes live...which should have been done .."a long...long..time a galaxy far..far..away"..
But some people like the fact...that the armor has a different look for male and female.