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Why is there not a limit to how many posts a person can make within a certain timeframe? I read post after post, with pretty much the same information every post coming from this guy. We know, we know, we've heard it a thousand times by now, you have a vaild point, please stop stating it. Your filling this thread and trolling it on purpose to piss people off, with garbage.

There is a large population of people who bought these items based on the preview, who had no clue they were going to change it. This is fact, I'm not trying to argue here. The devs have acknoweledged they have wronged these people and are going to fix it.

"Organize a decent post, and let it marinate a bit, come back, maybe do it again. Don't just try to get your name up on the Most Frequent Poster award."
Ah, So you do not like what I have to say so I should be censored? If you do not like what I have to say, there is an Ignore button. I do not care for some of the things you say...But I don't ask for you to be censored.