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stealth/overpowered healing but dps is correct/stealth

balance is there for pvp not pve so yea it works just the way it was ment to and it is fairly tight for similar gearing.

TOR main strength is the story value. WZ got more popular than Bioware tought I think, but there needs to be balance over all.

Also a good burst, which is what PvPers research, doesnt mean you need bad sustained.

Also it IS, imo, normal pure melee dps should have a bit higher damage to account for fight parameters where boss move around or KB. A rdps WILL have an easier time staying on the boss, and snipers vulnerability to moving around does mean they should, when in cover get a bit of an edge in PvE ops imo.

The fact snipers and mara are "pure dps" can be arguable as to why they have an edge either.

Issue is, this edge looks like a rift to many right now.