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Each crew skill that produces mats, with the possible exception of Investigation, will result in a group of mats that sell well and for a good price.

The mat market is sporadic in the sense that each mat seems to have large ups and downs in price and supply. You have to monitor the GTN and see what is hot at each moment. You need ot have a wide range of offerings to stay in the market. If one thing is in good supply and there is a price drop, offer another in a different area.

In other words rather than a certain crew skill or mat, I would recommend doing your homework (monitor the gtn) and building an understanding of the economy. Try to learn which mats, without regard to current pricing, sell well and are always in demand. While selling the flavor of the day, I still gather and run missions to acquire certain mats that are down because I know that they are much used and the price will jump back up soon.

The only specifc that I would point out as an adjunct to gathering mats is Slicing lockbox missions. They are to me a win win. A failed, non crit, mission will return a lockbox which gives on average a little more in credits than the mission costs (small gain for failure) and when they crit you will get one or two gathering missions that when run will return purple mats. If you run enough slicing missions, you will end up with a ton of valuable crew missions.

Much luck to you.

Edit - Also look at mats that you can produce cheaply and in plentiful supply and that you can use to craft items that can be REed. That results in components that can be used to craft Mk-x kits and they always sell well and for good price.