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I have also found that I rarely have threat issues beyond 30s into a fight (except TFB phase 1 due to each tentacle spawning with new aggro table and NiM trenchcutters, but that's a completely different story). As such I prefer snap threat and a strong opener over high overall DPS which is why I prefer Immortal over Hybrid spec.

In 30s you have time to taunt twice, with AoE being your fail-safe. On a tank swap fight the first swap usually happens within this threshold which is why you have to save your single target taunt (On T&Z and F&S I taunt after 3rd GCD even though it does little in building threat but any later and I may not have a taunt ready for the swap).

Through testing I am currently settled at this opener:

0s Saber Throw - pull, 3 rage
1.5s Force Charge - close distance, 6 rage
3s Smash - nice damage, can be used while moving target, accuracy debuff, 4 stacks of armour debuff, 3 rage
4.5s Sundering Assault - kind of necessary on dummies, applies the last armour debuff making attacks hit more, 5 rage
6s Force Scream - high damage, sonic barrier 5 rage (with talent)
7.5s Backhand - high threat, 5 rage
9s Crushing Blow - high damage, high threat, refresh armour debuff, 1 rage
10.5s Force Choke - nice damage, must be talented to work well and be mobile, 4 rage
12s Ravage - high damage, 4 rage
16s Smash - nice damage, refresh armour debuff, 1 rage

After that opener it goes into the general lull of Enrage/Sunder/Vicious Slash and waiting on cds. The rage values are based on not generating rage via defending or having any Revenge stacks so you will end up with more, you will also be able to throw in a Retaliation when appropriate which cannot be done on the dummies. I generally taunt after the second Smash, but when I know that there are crazy DPS or I need a switch I taunt after the first Smash meaning my taunt will be up again at 19s into the fight.

Essentially put all your heavy hitting attacks between two Smashes, obviously the exact order can be altered. I have been toying with the idea of using 2 Crushing Blows but I can't get 12s cd on CB and using 1 without already having 5 stacks of armour debuff seems wasteful. I will try more parsing later see if I can get more even snap threat.

Gear: - 58/61, not fully augmented, has been upgraded since
2. Crushing Blow
4. Crushing Blow
9. Force Charge, Sundering Assault and Crushing Blow - best to ignore this fight in any statistic
12. Sundering Assault

Yep, missing with CB hurts snap threat, Juggs do need accuracy. I like the idea of using accuracy adrenals in openers to save rating for mitigation instead.
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