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Ok, so, you come to the website and post in the forums, yet you've never once looked at the advertisements for the CM on the site.

Sorry if I don't believe you.
Nope, never have looked at the CM advertisements on this site. I've thumbed through the CM in the game and obviously seen pictures in the CM. But I never once looked at whatever this picture is and thought... oh that's supposed to be this armor set but it isn't the same as what this picture is... especially since they aren't labeled with the name. Was literally looking at adaptaive armor on the GTN and previewing stuff to see what it looks like and found the phantom one and liked it. Sorry that's a hard concept for people to grasp.

Completely understand the original people that got screwed by buying the cartel packs for this armor would be upset and want a change. But reversing it back literally did the exact same screw job to the people who bought it off of the GTN because of previewing it. If it's a contest of who got screwed more then I'll concede that the people who paid real money for a chance at this specific armor got screwed more. But is that really a contest this game should be having?
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