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Ha! You totally stole my thunder. I was literally JUST going to post this.

All of the people posting since the patch saying, "I never read the forums so I didn't know this was going to be corrected.", and "I don't look at the ads, I just preview it in-game." made me think of people that ignore warnings or advisories and then are shocked and upset when something happens.

"I never look at the speed limit, I just go with the flow of traffic." As if that somehow makes it the officer's fault for pulling you over, or makes it okay that you broke the law.
Wow that's the worst example yet. As you go down a road you can see the signs next to it. When you get gear in-game there is no sign that reads "warning, BioWare may change this at any moment with out warning."

BW has admitted they handled this wrong. Most people can see that both sides have valid arguments as to which way the gear should be. BW said they will try to remedy this. Why are people still arguing?