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Umm, this is the worst excuse I have ever read yet, the obvious solution here to make such cutscenes not look weird would be to not limit the height of all female characters to a head shorter than male ones in the first place. There's absolutely no reason for that other than trying to enforce the stereotype that all men are taller than all women which is simply not true. It's very damn annoying that the tallest, amazon-like, female character is actually.... A full head shorter than the tall male one.

Neither are "the norm", obviously, so why the hell put in that limit other than sexism.
You know that the average male is 7-9% taller than the average female right ?
This of course depends slightly on race, and to a bigger extent on environment (the worse living conditions are the smaller the actual difference).

And not all man are taller than all woman, neither in real life nor in the game. Three of the male body-types are smaller than the biggest female in game.

Not to mention that the problem is not who is taller/fatter/ whatever but that there are differences in body type that need to be addressed in any scene that involves touching.