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You're right, preview isn't an advertisement.... it's what it ACTUALLY looked like. And think you missed the point where I said I don't look at the cartel packs. They are a waste of money. I have plenty of credits so I just look at new items through preview on GTN since you figure what the items actually look like on your toon would be what they are supposed to be. Hard concept I know.

In the end, it's not that huge of a deal. I just find it funny people expect every person that plays the game to be well versed with every advertisement and/or picture bioware releases in order to compare items they may or may not buy later down the road off the GTN. It was a giant screw up by Bioware no matter how people want to deflect it back on to the consumer.

Ok, so, you come to the website and post in the forums, yet you've never once looked at the advertisements for the CM on the site.

Sorry if I don't believe you.