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stealth/overpowered healing but dps is correct/stealth

balance is there for pvp not pve so yea it works just the way it was ment to and it is fairly tight for similar gearing.
DPS is not right at all between the classes and balance is there for both PvP and for PvE, all classes need to be able to keep the same level of end game quality in terms of dps and usefulness which just isn't the case. A Sage maximum dps (optimal gearing and 100% perfect execution) on a dummy at the moment lies around 1970 while Sentinels can reach up to above 2200, thats a damned 11% difference which is far to much for competitive gaming. Also the classes aren't even balanced for PvP. Its even worse for Scoundrels if I understand correctly which also needs to be meele distance at times.
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