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A lot of people never even look at the cartel packs or pay attention to them. I don't even know which one it comes in. All I know is using the preview option showed me what it'd look like on my toon, i liked it, so i bought it... I guess every time I preview something off the GTN I should go do research of every picture bioware has ever released to make sure they didn't screw something up.

That's nice for you, but others have said that they bought tons of packs specifically hoping to get this gear. So, you bought tons of packs and never noticed the gears appearance on the ad?

I think most people are feigning ignorance to be perfectly honest. Most knew what they armor was meant to look like and bought it anyway (likely thinking... "It's Bioware! They'll never fix it!").

They released a Smuggler/Agent set, then Consular/Inquisitor and now JK and SW. The fact that it was meant as an Inquisitor's robe was more than obvious.