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01.10.2013 , 08:45 AM | #3
A) I would check your gear and Khem's gear. If it's not all 18 or so green or better, I would update it. This can be done on the cheap through the GTN. Most sell off green gear for less than 1k a piece. If you see a blue or purple really cheap, grab those instead but don't worry too much about blues and purples until later on when you have many more credits. Also get an earpiece, implants and relics as well if you can afford them. If you like pvp, you can quickly obtain some nice level 20 blue earpiece and implants. I believe they are 310 comms a piece, that's about 930 comms, roughly 6-10 matches/2 hours tops.

B) You probably have lowbie medpack for your level. Somtimes the medical droid lists the higher tier medpacks at the bottom of the list rather than listing them in a row at the top where the lower level medpacks are.

C) As far as your healing abilities, you can use all your heals on yourself as well. Not sure if you were aware of that because of that comment you made about having only 1 heal for yourself.

Send in Khem to grab all the aggro (with updated tank gear), stand back and heal him as necessary while throwing out a few shocks/FLings if he's looking good = profit.