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01.10.2013 , 08:39 AM | #965
My last post on this thread just to make sure I don't get sucked in.

But those who have stated that the appearance of their character matters to them more than anything (or similar statements) find a new one. It is what us big boys did when we bought the investigator's set for 1200 CC and found out it has an off-color appearance and the colors don't match up properly based on the image in the CC market. I put in in my bank, was a little upset and MOVED ON with my life... I didn't post an threads whining and complaining, I submitted a ticket, a response was given that it is a known issue, all I could ask for.

I think in my case it holds more weight then your cartel pack items which cost nothing but in-game currency. I highly doubt, many individuals bought tons of cartel packs to get those full sets, I bought tons of packs to get that throne chair, never though twice about those sets, I understand everyone is different but don't sit here and tell me someone spend $40+ for CC to buy packs for those sets when they sell for 30-100k on the GTN. If you tell me you know someone who did, that makes them dumb... stop to thinking about the conversion factor of CC to $$ and realize this person should have bought other things, sold them on the GTN then bought those sets and made off like a bandit.