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Funniest thread on the forum 2013!

Thread timeline:
- Complaint about changes, some call it a bug, many agreed, some didn't and said it was a fix.
- Joveth comes in and says it's a mistake and will be fixed
- Some rejoice, others point out known issue
- Joveth returns and says he got wrong information and quotes, in other words, the patch notes.
- Some rejoices, many others complain that they liked the old look and bought it off GTN or spent money for cartel packs on it.
- Joveth comes back in a few times for more info, eventually Damion comes in and explains they will make a fix for this situation.
- "And it was like a thousand voices all cried out and were suddenly silenced."


- And then PVPers came in and complained why PVP balance isn't being fixed while this is.

It seems like every thread concerning bug fixes or changes always finds that same ending.. doesn't it? And it is the same for every MMO and every version of that MMO..

Man, PVPers... I love doing it,.. but the community it has is so extremely horrid..
QFT man, QFT.
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