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01.10.2013 , 06:20 AM | #960
Been out of action past few days with the Sith Flu.
Was severely disapointed to log in and see the spymaster chest had turned into a Jacket with rump flaps.

Happy to see the change will be rolled back, Thankyou. Pulling my mods would have been 40k + Aug kit __k and fee loss 30k. Cred loss is a problem for me with the present appearance system. Oh if only an empty stall on the Fleet had a barbershop/ dye /modular build your own

Appearance wise for some classes not a lot of options out there, absolutely cannot stand short sleeves or tail only half skirts hanging off chest pieces, Nor the mini fridge back packs. Presently there are 2 styles of capes the warhero/ elite warhero SAGE type and the other style that accounts for 99.9% of capes in game.

I do all my gear shopping with the preview button.

Sadly Revan's armor doesnt look like my avatar's
Release the Kotor skins!
From the KOTORS *8 years exp in mmo's