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I'm opposed to bringing mara back[eventhough i loved her character] for the following reasons. It shows that the characters are indeed mortal and can die.

Sorry up until Vector prime, you really didn't see many people die. Oh sure you had the secondary character die here and there, and ofcourse prime bad guys here and there, but you never saw the main heros die till chewie.

It always seemed, didn't matter how much they danced on the razor's edge, they always came back alive, and it was starting to become "throw the original cast into the fire, let them burn a bit and bleed some, but they will never die!" That was getting BORING. Showing chewin, then anakin solo, then mara jade dying, brought in mortality and shows, even the best can die.

Does losing a beloved character suck? Yes. Try RA Salvatore, in his latest drizzt books, most of the original gang cept drizzt are dead. that's a rude shock right there. But it and these deaths show, life even in fantasy must roll along.

Why someday if they go as far as cade skywalker in the EU books, most the cast we know now, are going to die, whether we like it or not. Guess what guys. Han, Luke, Leia, Kyp durron, even Saba Sebatine, are not the spring chickens they used to be. By this point Han is pushing damn near 75-80, Leia and luke are WELL into their 60's. But the writers have them running around like they are still 30 years old assaulting the first death star.

These people are OLD. Hell right now, Luke is about as old as Obi-wan was in episode IV. Time for the books to start reflecting this.
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