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Yeah i know right? Why so much attention on this? Would it be too much to ask the community to get engaged in demands for engine improvements faster loading times better audio and shadow FX especially on lower end systems, the fixing of old UI bugs that have returned new ui bugs silly bugs major bugs latency fixes better web to in game implementations for character transfers all automated rapid and easy. No? Oh ok then you lot best keep bashing at your keyboards about a few of these custom items then. Leave the important stuff for later i guess
Not everybody has the same priorities. Not to mention that certain bugs have been fixed during the last patch, though I guess those weren't on your personal priority list either.

Improved performance on LOW end systems? Uhmmm, sorry, but that's basically the result of running on a low end system. It works, but don't expect all the fireworks to come with it. Low End basically means: it runs on this system, provided you have about every fluff option disabled.
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