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I'm sick of not having a 50. I've been playing this game since launch. I got a Jugg to 50 back around before 1.2 hit and only played @50 for a week before finding out I didn't much like things at 50 (I pretty much strictly did PvP and didn't like how RNG getting gear was back then. That was before they implemented recruit gear).

I've been back for a few months. Honestly I should probably have about 3-4 50s by now, but I keep making alts, deleting characters I think I'm not interested in anymore only to regret it when I'm playing a different toon and then starting one over again. It's a vicious circle. It's a mess. Honestly I've always been a bit of an altoholic depending on the MMO but it's never been THIS bad.

Thing is I'll ditch a character for the dumbest reasons. Tonight for instance I was playing on a sorc (still on Dromund Kaas) and someone in general happened to mention how awesome they thought the smuggler story was, and I thought to myself "well, smuggler was the class I was most interested in before release...kinda weird how I never stuck with one". So I got off my sorc, deleted it, made a smuggler, but didn't really feel right about it so I ended up not doing anything really on the game tonight.

Reason I delete toons is because I'm always tempted to go back and play them just because they're already at a higher level or whatnot, and if I delete them then that temptation is gone and I can focus on my new toon, and I really don't like juggling around with leveling multiple toons at the same time.

I just can't stick with anything, and I really don't have much of a reason as to why. I tell myself I'm going to put my foot down and stick it out with something, but something always happens at one point, something completely unrelated, like I'll watch a James Bond movie and suddenly have the urge to play an imperial agent, or I'll watch a war movie and want to play a Trooper, stupid stuff like that.

Anyway, I'm gonna try and put my foot down again. I've decided I'm either going to go with a Marauder or an Assassin. I've leveled an assassin to 40 previously, and whenever I try to play one again I get bored because they take so long to develop. Early on you really do little more than thrash because you need talents (some of which are near the top of the talent tree) to make abilities like shock/maul/FL even worth using in the first place, and even though I know they're a ton of fun when I get to that point I don't have the patience to get back there.

Marauder...I find them a lot of fun to play, especially in PvP. Thing is I've already played a Jugg to 50 so I already know the story, even though honestly I don't remember much of what you do on specific planets I remember all the high points. I am interested in seeing how the inquisitor story ends since I only got part way into chapter 2, but I remember getting pretty bored with it overall. Style wise I'm not a really big fan of dual-wielding while I double-blade is probably my favorite style.

Probably shouldn't make posts at 5 a.m. since this is getting rambly and incoherent. Any advice on which class you think I should go with or how best to stick with a character is appreciated. I find it funny how for some reason WoW is the only MMO where I pretty much stuck with 1 class all the way up. Dunno why that game is the exception while every other MMO I've played I hit alt-mode all the time.

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text.