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Erin I saw your post in the game testing thread and would love to suggest two things for the UI

1) I would also love to have the ability to set Ground Targets with the in game icons you can use to mark characters or Mobs it would be very beneficial in raids. That way in a raid you could set the ground target before the fight and tell everyone to move to flame during a certain phase it would be of great assistance for a raid leader.

2) A easier way for a healer to see debuff's on a target that need to be removed by making the raid frame change color to indicate what type of affliction a character in the raid now suffers from as a example if it was a poison the outline of that persons raid frame could turn green, etc.

I would definitely support this first feature. As a guild officer and part time raid leader on World of Warcraft, there was icons/shapes of varying colors you could assign to the mobs like here, however they could also be set to a point on the ground. They would float there and a beam of sorts ran down under it to the ground as well. Very handy to describe fights and assign places for people to stand.

The UI isn't awful, but I miss the various mods you could have that allowed customization of raid frames, timers, and buffs/debuffs to name a few. Having never raided here and being pretty new, my knowledge is limited for that. I am enjoying the game so far and hope to see that stuff in time though.

(Feel free to flame WoW and/or me as seems popular and often done on these forums, but my thoughts for things).