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^This is not rambling actually, that makes sense, and I remember having read several fanfictions playing with this theory (can send you the links if you want).
In those stories, his goal was also to anger the warrior enough so she would kill him without regrets and draw enough power from her anger to kill Baras.

If Quinn really wanted to kill the warrior he had many opportunities to do it in a much less risky/ more efficient way, he is your healer and keep injecting your character with stuff, why not just poison the warrior?

He didn't have to stand in the same room with the warrior and the two pathetic droids, he could just have rigged the place with explosives and detonate them once you were trapped in the room.

Not to mention my warrior is a marauder, she can disable droids and he knows that, having seen her doing so countless times.

That episode was rather poorly written anyway, it really could have been handled better than it was.

Back on topic, I would have preferred if those who really wanted to kill him still had the opportunity to do so.
But ofc, getting a warning message first saying they'll have to live with the consequences : that is having one less companion and using the ship's droid for heals from this point on.
Even, give a complete pack of level 48 upgrades for said droid so the player can start using it right away. That could have been easily implemented with very little extra work for Bioware.

Maybe we would have seen some "please Bioware, give me my healer back!" threads on the forums, that would have made for a nice change