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01.10.2013 , 03:42 AM | #9
I agree that most of the time when someone claims to see another person hacking it's usually a false perception due to things such as speed buffs, elevation change lag, leap lag (when an enemy leaps then magically disappears for a couple that one), or server lag in general (issues that should probably be addressed but probably never will). But what concerns me is the people who actually do hack are pretty much getting away with it. I'm not talking about blatant hacking but things such as minuscule changes in speed. I mean, on Prophecy of the Five you have a guy named Gingerz whom teleport hacks in every WZ, has a few threads and youtube vidoes proving he hacks, not to mention all the times he has probably been reported over the past few months since he started doing this, and I don't even think hes been banned yet (maybe). Personally, blatant hacking doesn't bother me and I even find it funny at times (The other day i got gingerz in an novare coast and he teleport hacked to all the nodes and capped em before the match even started), but when someone like this can obviously hack for for months at a time how does Bioware expect us do believe that they do anything about hacking that happens on a minuscule/hard to notice level? They say they "continually monitor for hacking" but obviously not that closely.