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I've been yelled at via /say for killing pubs in the black hole...they told me I would be reported for griefing as simply being on "their side" of the instance was a violation of the TOS or something. Meh, they were flagged and I didn't flag them. But there are many, many ppl on the server who seem opposed to the idea of world pvp let alone participating...and all of the ones I've seen have been pubs
During the HK part I had a few Imperials crying outside the Den about it and even some followed me back to fleet. I remember even reading that people on the PVP server were trying to report people for it.

No it is not aganist the TOS so long as you did not force them to flag by the tricks I assume are still in game. Healing the NPC, dirty but also not aganist the TOS and not PVP as I know. You best hope is to ask for duels but other than waiting from people to run back during ops I almost never get a duel.