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Dick measuring contests on PVP scoreboards, skewed by loads of AoE, CC, knockbacks, etc. =/= DPS. When discussing actual DPS capability of a class, the only sources that count are PVE parses from top players in the game
Truly spoken like a pve person with no knowledge of the pvp environment. In fact the high score pvp matches are almost a perfect representation of true dps capability in pvp because they DO have AoE, cc and stuns. Claiming that one should simply ignore what happens in 25-35% of the time spent in a pvp match exposes how ludicrous your position is.

If anything these high output matches underestimate the lack of effectiveness of the Merc dps subclass. In these high output matches, typically both sides have copious healing resulting in few deaths on either side. Which thus overestimates the capability of flimsy classes as they do not have such longevity in other circumstances. And Merc dps is as flimsy as they come in the dps category. Moreover these high output matches are typically straight up slugfests where the utility from things like stealth capabilities are not utilized. And who has the lowest utility of any subclass in the game? Merc dps of course. So the high output matches, such as static Voidstars or no mid cap Alderaan/Novare are in fact the BEST CASE SCENARIO for Merc dps. And in these matches it is easily seen that top player dps for Jugg/Mara is about 50% greater than for Merc. PT & Sorc dps is about 25% higher than for Merc. Merc damage output is in fact the worst of any dps subclass, on top of Merc having the lowest survivability AND the lowest utility. This is why Merc dps is the WORST SUBCLASS in the game. Period.

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Certain specs are already completely useless in competitive PVP (Annihilation/Watchmen) due to dispells, we do not need to make it even worse.
LOL. You have the ability to see that dispells can negate DoT damage classes. But evidently you can not find it in yourself to see that affects Merc Pyro as much as any class.