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As far as Mara Jade Skywalker coming back, no. It also gave the writers the reason with the Aboleth saga[as i call it] to have luke and his son bond even more. Which was nice. I actually enjoyed that a lot.

Far as Mara's death, not every death is epic, not every clash is going to be the fight of the titans. Was the fight and death anti-climatic? Yes, but you have to remember, it was very HUMAN. Look at any REAL fight, and I go to the words Jack Sparrow told Will Turner in the first Pirates movie.

"There's what a man can do, and what he will do". Jacen could of tried to fight honestly, and probably would of died, or he could of gone for the win and done something that Mara was not expecting. Remeber DARKSIDER AND SITH! In his situation I would of done the same exact thing and not even blinked about it.

No, mara did not need an epic death, she had a very realistic human fight and death, get over it guys. Stop with the whole fall girl for KT, and honestly, she does have a tad of bias when it comes to mandos since they were for the most part, her pet project, but nobody does a better gunfight than that lady.

Just like nobody does better space combat than Aaron Alliston.

IMO, everybody can take that hatred for her and stick it where the sun don't shine.
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