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I was listening to an TORWars podcast with the PVP lead (Hickman from memory) and he stated that:

A - resolves was too complicated to explain and required a 10 min conversation on how it works.

B - that it was an issue that resolve was so hard to explain.

C - that he felt stuns weren't the issue with equally geared players and TTK was fairly good in these circumstances with the current amount of stuns.

I agree that resolve is a good idea and lets players use advanced tactics to out play others; however the current itteration is really ineffective. Anything that takes 10 mins to explain to someone is really not a mechanic that should be baseline and understood by all imo. DR in WoW is simple. The more you receive a certain type of CC, the less you are affected by it (50% reduction). Now all you have to do is learn the types and that's it, you're set to manipulate it to your advantage. Executing it to your full advantage is supposed to be the hardest part.