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I fixed that for you. Look at the CS area, the only thing that gets a fast reply that is not a auto messege is, Cartel market related or getting you into the game to spend you cartel market credits.
yeah, it sucks.

not to detract any further from the OP (which was good btw), but have any of you seen the "outrage" in the general discussion forum? the appearance of two of the cartel pack armor sets got fixed, and people are coming out of the woodwork whining about how they want it set back to the old, bugged appearance.

so with this totally selfish whining, what happens? like 5 or 6 dev posts, from 2 different devs. i havent been counting, but how many posts by devs have there been in this forum over the last 6 months? how about 1 year? mabye 10?

PvP related bugs are allowed to stand for weeks before they get hotfixed. i bet this stupid cartel thing is patched right up by next tuesday. its mind bottling. if i didnt like the Star Wars lore so much id already be long gone from this game.

but, i digress. back on topic: fix resolve plox
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