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The math on the base items (no mods enhancements or armorings) is this:
Dark ward: increases shield chance by 15% until the timer or charges expire
WH Shield offhand with no mods: 5% shield chance, 20% absorb, 449 force power
WH Generator offhand with no mods: 649 force power

Tank gear with shield and dark ward (assuming the gear gives you 30% shield and 50% absorb):
45% shield chance x 50% absorb = 22.5% mitigation on average from white damage attacks

DPS gear with shield and dark ward:
20%shield chance x 20% absorb = 4% mitigation on average from white damage attacks

DPS gear with shield and no dark ward:
5% shield chance x 20% absorb = 1% mitigation on average from white damage attacks

I'm inclined to think that with DPS gear, 200 extra force power will increase your force damage way more than the 4% mitigation will reduce white damage, and that you'll also be using force abilities way more than you'll be taking white damage hits (meaning generator would be infinitely better) but it's just a guess.
In tank gear you almost obviously want the shield.
In a spec like the tank or tank hybrid, 23/1/17, wouldn't you have the following abilities that benefit from a shield?:

Lightning Reflexes + Lightning Recovery: this gives you back 4% of your total force AND reduces the cooldown of Force Shroud by 1.0 sec every time you shield an attack. (Considering the low amount of attacks that will proc your shield, are these even really noticeably beneficial at all?)
Dark Charge: this gives you +15% to your shield chance.
Dark Ward: this gives you another +15% to your shield chance.
Hollow: this increases your shield absorption by 4%.

So the math would probably look more like this assuming you have Dark Charge AND Dark Ward up:
35% shield chance x 24% absorb = 8.4% mitigation of white damage attacks.

That's not too shabby, but not too great either. I think it mostly depends on your style of play. Are you the type who throws guard around a lot? Use a shield. Run the Huttball often? Shield. Re-modded all your gear to maximize power and like to dps? Forget the shield and continue to max power with a focus.

I currently wear a shield in pvp with the 24/1/17 spec. I have tried both. There isn't much of a difference really. A bit more damage mitigation versus a bit more damage output. Neither will make or break your pvp experience as far as I can tell.