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Ok first, nobody gets to own the characters in a multi-author universe like this. If Zahn wants creative control of his characters for a lifetime, he can get that in his own intellectual properties.
True, but even so, it's also standard procedure to, you know, check with other people involved in the thing before unilaterally acting to kill an important and potentially character off.
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Killing Mara was one of the pivotal moments in the series. I thought Jacen would realize how much he was getting played when it reached that point, but he didn't. And then things exploded from there.
IE, got ridiculously stupid.
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Now I may even agree that I didn't necessarily like the LOTF series, but that doesn't change the fact that her death was the pivotal moment in the series. It had to be done to tell the story in the way it was going to be told.
Are you actually Karen Traviss?
Because here's the thing: according to Wookiepedia, Traviss thought up killing Mara as she was already writing Sacrifice, and purely on her own.
It wasn't a pivotal moment, or part of some existing plan. It was Traviss' whim, because she thought it would make things more interesting. The other authors in the series had to scramble to change things in their books, and I believe they had to do rewrites as well to cover Mara being dead. It manifestly did not have to be done - the pivotal point (to me, anyway) was Jacen essentially turning into Vader on Coruscant, executing innocent people left and right, to say nothing of his acceptance of the title of Caedus.
Zahn may not have total ownership, but that doesn't mean that authors should be allowed, in a multi-author series like this, to just change important **** around on what amounts to a whim.