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(Apologies if this has been discussed to death before; I don't check these forums that often. Also, spoilers for old books.)
So I know Star Wars doesn't really do the whole "bringing dead characters back to life" thing like the Marvelverse does (or Trek did) after the Palpatine-cloning thing blew up in everyone's faces, but I genuinely do think it would be justified in the case of Mara Jade. Seriously, of all the characters to kill, that one makes very, very little sense. Chewie I could understand, in that he had long since ceased to be all that significant. Anakin Solo made sense as well, to up the odds and bring the emotional pain along with the whole "losing Coruscant" thing.

But Mara was still an important character, with a lot of fan and authorial support. She was killed off by a different author than the one who created her, without that original author's input, which just screams sloppiness and worse, simple selfishness. It left her whole story on a bitter note, and that fact that Zahn is still willing to write stories featuring her shows that there is still an attachment to the character amongst Lucasfilm (or whoever manages the books specifically).

Frankly, I think Zahn and the Lucasfilm people should just take the next step and bring her back. Traviss has had to be retconned before (the Mandos and their OP-ness, for instance), so her worst mistake should be fixed as well. There's already been so much weird Force-********-whatever surrounding her and letting her temporarily return as a ghost that they may as well just take the plunge.
Anyone else feel the same way?
No dead is dead. she even turned into a force ghost. No more clone repossession crap. What's done is done. She was going to die anyway.