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As I look at these airwaves daily, I always see stuff popping up like "nerf this", "buff that", etc, etc. While I try to contribute constructively most of the time, many get frustrated enough with the plight of PvP that constructive things are like needles in a haystack, and the real issue gets masked in a "vortex of horsecrap"(courtesy of Bob Brenly). Simply put, I am requesting this:

Make a change in the resolve mechanic/CC first, before your do any rebalancing.
Whether it's bubble stun, "wrecking ball" maras, "chainstunning/stunlock", OPERATIVES(!), or CC in general, the Resolve mechanic needs to be addressed, again. And, if applied correctly, most of this might actually go away...

This is how I see it (a short history of SWTOR):
Operatives and others were adjusted because of "stunlocking"/having too much CC- Instead adjusting the CC affect, you nerf the DPS. (?)

People still complained about "stunlocking"- You adjust more DPS and/or change or downright remove procs in some cases. Changing entire playstyles/specs. (?)

Complaints about Maras/Sents ensued. Instead of adjusting them, you adjust the entire system to be more "cc friendly" to be able to "stop" them. (?)

Pigeon-hole classes into certain specs/ACs because of the above actions (See bubble stun & JK/SW populations). (?)

The CC in this game is WAY too strong/abundant... Always has been. Every class shouldn't have two or three stuns, every class shouldn't have multiple roots, etc, etc. It's too late... They have them now. So what to do?

Since "reverting" is rarely, if ever, done, I won't suggest reverting the elimination of "penalization" for overlapping stuns/cc. Instead I say:

Change the rate of decay of the resolve timer: While in-combat the rate should be slower than it currently is. Far too often the usefulness of full Resolve, is minor compared to the CC available in a WZ. The gap needs to be closed. Not a ton, but some...

Change when the resolve decay is actually active: Any switch to out-of-combat should STOP any resolve decay. This would eliminate any "stun, stun, stun, dead",........ respawn,.........."stun, stun, stun, dead" routine

Adjust classes in the new system: Ops, Merc, Sorc and for god's sake, keep the burst(Smash) in the game. Just give other classes the means to do it as well. That is what makes WZ's dynamic, Situational Burst, not CC's.

I know this will probably end up going by the wayside, but as I was making my change suggestion for Consu/Inquiz to have a viable alternative to bubble stun, I came to the realization that CC has A TON to do with the "nerf this"; "buff that" that the PvP forum is.

You really can't balance any of the classes unless this is more reasonable first.

Please change resolve, or at least re-examine it...

PS: Please sign or bump, if you think this needs to happen ASAP... Part of the "vortex of horsecap" is the fact that people rather argue over what's OP'd, than keeping a thread like this one going. Thanks in advance....
Some seem to get off topic so I thought I would quote this back up, great post, just wish they would listen.