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but sure it makes it easier
IDK Carn...

The with the vast quantity of CC available, there is not a need to use it as a tactic currently though. Maybe its just the hard/soft stuns I got a problem with, but CC is the main culprit of PvP being in this miserable state (along with Rank que barriers). With the type of change I propose, it will increase its use as a tactic.

By 'hard", I mean it's frustrating seeing your healer g-banged by two smashers while you are sitting there stunned, and most of the time, you are almost dead before the stun wears off.. I am not trying to compare other PvP games per se, but what makes PvP "fun" is the fact that players are 100% responsible for their production and skill level. They are never not(I know; double negative) in control of their toon. You really can't even judge a player's "skill" with all the CC flying around. I used Street Fighter as an example because I am "skilled" at that game (well in my circle of friends; but was ranked fairly high in the online rankings in the latest version). I knew my toon and others toons and opponents (yes, even online opponents through rankings) sooo well, that I knew if I did what I was suppose to do, I would be "unstoppable". CC is counter intuitive to this type of notion, competitveness, and teamwork, whether a tactical CC or not.

I know I might be dating myself with the whole Street Fighter thing. I been "around the PvP block", and CC is bad design in PvP as a whole. Don't get rid of it, just adjust it. Then talk class balance...

Thanks for keeping it real as well. Good shtuff, here....
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