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LOTRO's itemisation (with the exception of radience) has always been miles better than in TOR imo.
I actually think TOR has done an amazing job with its itemization, barring the some of the more recent problems (DR curve screwery primarily, insofar as progressing to certain points drastically limits the effectiveness of the various stats, especially for healers and DPS with crit/surge compared to power). The only reason it seems bad is because everything is so customizable it's relatively simple to just find the best loadout and stick with it rather than just having static gear with given stats and very little actual variability within it. Essentially, it's the ability to customize that most people really have a problem with from a design standpoint, rather than an actual problem with how gear is itemized (since you can have whatever you want rather than having to choose between 2-3 items with given itemization for each slot). It's just one of those wonderful things about human psychology: we're happier when we're given fewer options because there is less perceived opportunity cost even if you actually chose the best option.
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