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Apparently Ive been doing this event for the past 3 weeks.

Drunken pvp is not an event, its a state of mind.

That said Im in

It's not pvp if you're playing with/by yourself...

Please spread the word in your guilds so we can get a nice turn out. Nyyci drunk=pure entertainment.

As far as location I'm open to suggestions. Last time we did it in the Outlaw's Den and it was pretty fun but we could certainly have it in Illum or maybe even in a PVE area that allows duels. It also depends on how many show up. If a ton show up it might get a bit out of hand in an open PVP area...which in itself would be both fun and annoying depending on how drunk you are.

Saturday the 19th works for me but I'll talk to some more people and see where their interest lies and try to come up with a happy medium. I'd also be willing to push it off another week just to get more people to show up.
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